About us

China Electric Power Training Center

China electric power training network (http://www.ceptc.com) is a portal to provide training consultation and services for the electric power industry. Aiming at the hot and difficult problems during industry development, and taking the practical requirement of member units into account, it organizes and launches training & seminars about management and special technology by integrating concentrated teaching, discussion & exchanges, and field trips, which strengthens the training for enterprise employees in terms of professional quality, ethics and credit.

Training of management

The training contents are mainly enterprise management (including quality management), market development, policies & regulations, etc.

Management training is mainly manifested in: enterprise assessment and management system certification, enterprise credit rating evaluation and grade evaluation of standardization level, etc.

Training of skills

It focuses on organizing activities of skills training for the existing industrial technical backbone, in order to rapidly improve their business ability and skill levels, and then establish and enhance the talents management system in the short term. Skills training includes propaganda and interpretation of new standard, compiling specification of standards (including international, national, industry and enterprise standards), training and special technology seminars, etc.

  1. Launch the propaganda and training of new standard in the electrical industry in order to strengthen the beneficiary parties' understanding of the standard, establish feedback mechanisms to obtain the advices about the implementation of standards, and initiate the training of basic theory and professional knowledge system of standardization based on carrying out the investigation of the needs of the enterprises in the industry.
  2. Launch technology seminars on the topic of smart grid, simulation technology and so on.


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