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 China National Technical Committee of Standardization for Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment

Xuchang KETOP Electrical Research Institute is the secretariat of the affiliated units of China National Technical Committee of Standardization for Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment (hereinafter referred to as the standards committee). The standards committee (SAC/TC154) is the counterpart of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC95 Technical Committee "Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment ", which takes charge of technical management work of standardization for relay protection & automatic safety device and undertakes the IEC TC95 standardization technology business in China.

 The standard section includes standards committee, standards service, standard information retrieval and other columns.

 Standards Committee

  1. International businesses: mainly involve the statement on international standards, translation & transformation of international standards, organizing and participating in related activities of IEC/TC95 Technical Committee (such as research, test verification, formulation and revision of international standards), and present proposals to IEC.
  2. The committee takes charge of organizing the formulation & revision of national standards on measuring relays, protection equipment and automatic safety device (including initiation, drafting, review and approval).
    Meanwhile, it serves as a secretariat for the specialized work of national technical committee of standardization for machinery industry, taking the responsibility of organizing the formulation & revision of the standards on relay protection and automation equipment in machinery & energy industry (including initiation, drafting, review and approval).

Standards service

  1. The secretariat of standards committee is capable of offering correct guidance to enterprises on their research & development, production, test, and application in real time. Besides, it can help the enterprise establish its quality management system, and compile the documents of the quality management system as well as those of technique and technology, which facilitates the enterprise to achieve normalization of quality management and standardization of production & technology management.
  2. Standards assessment: involves grade assessment of standards, evaluation of self-declaration of recorded standards, whether the standard passes test verification and obtain approbation, etc. Standardized grade assessment certificate will be issued to the enterprises when they pass the assessment.

Standard information retrieval

Standard information base: The goal of building it is to achieve rapid, accurate and efficient query and retrieval for standards. In 2005, the standard full-text database was built. Till now, tens of thousands of copies of standards have been collected and the full-text retrieval for standards has been fulfilled.

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